Writing for Applications

As they say, "The right tool for the right job." Whether you are writing a personal statement, a statement of purpose, a resume, or a thank you letter, you need to know what tools to use to make your writing shine. 

Examples of Types of Writing Tasks

  1. Personal statements

  2. Statements of purpose

  3. Supplemental essays

  4. Applications

  5. Scholarship essays

  6. Resumes

  7. Thank you letters

  8. ...and more!


From beginning to end, making sure your writing exemplifies who you are, why you are applying, and what you will bring to a job or university, is essential. A lot of time, thought, and effort should go into your responses, especially if you really want to be selected for the interview, position, and/or award being offered. 

Ask yourself:

  • Is my personality coming across through my words?

  • Will recruiters or college admissions officers see my uniqueness?

  • Why should award committees choose me over the hundreds of other applicants?

  • Did I answer the application questions clearly and directly?

  • How detailed and attentive was I when proofreading my responses?

Whether it be for college, scholarships, internships, or jobs, getting your foot in the door is going to take some work. Let these articles serve as tools to help you develop effective strategies to create answers you will be proud of.