Be Inspired: 5 Quick Tips for College Application Essay Writers

5 Quick Tips for College Application Essay Writers
5 Quick Tips for College Application Essay Writers

Running low on essay writing inspiration? Whatever you do, don't give up and let your pen drop! You can do this--we know you can!

Here are five quick ways to trigger inspiration. Everyone's different, so keep in mind that these are just a handful of suggestions; there are many more strategies beyond these five. Use these as starting points to launch yourself into more ideas to brainstorm, more motivation to explore, and ultimately, more ways to find the fuel that gets your writing mojo rolling!

  1. Think about what you love to do and identify what exactly makes the activity enjoyable for you. Replicate that specific element by creating the atmosphere to be in, the opportunity to do it, or the ability to sense it, wherever you may be in the present moment.

  2. Oftentimes, the best ideas come to us when we're alone in a safe, quiet, calm place. This may be in a room at home, a tent in the backyard, next to a tree at the park, on the sandy beach by the ocean, or while standing in the shower. Find your getaway hub and set aside time for yourself, to be by yourself.

  3. Sometimes, inspiration quickly follows positive energy. When we're energized and excited, ideas flood in left and right. Head to a sporting event; watch an inspirational movie or television show; listen to a motivational speaker; meet up with friends and family who are encouraging, supportive, and positive; read a book on an uplifting role model; or simply turn on the most upbeat, fun music you can find!

  4. Reflect on the successes and memorable experiences you've had throughout your lifetime. Recognize all that you are able to do, who you've become because you've made the most of each experience, and where you're going with each new step. Visualize yourself turning the page of this current chapter of your life and seeing the next page in front of you. What do you see? What do you want for yourself? What are you willing to do to conquer the learning-filled challenges, to learn and grow as you reach even more milestones?

  5. Observe others doing what they do (but be aware and do not stare!). This simple, quiet act can be an eye-opening experience as we may realize we want to follow suit because we appreciate what we're seeing in the person, process, and/or outcome; or, we may realize that we don't want to be or do anything of the sort, in which case, we become inspired to do and be better by our own standards. The power of observation, as well as turning to role models, can be tremendously influential and inspiring in how we shape our lives.

Try one, a few, or all five of these ideas and see what works best in times when inspiration is needed. Let us know what works for you and feel free to share your strategies for inspiring yourself and others throughout the college application essay writing process!