Common Writing Challenges

Writer's block, lack of or too many ideas, too general or too specific in focus, lack of direction and flow, and the list of challenges people encounter when writing goes on and on! By taking a step back and figuring out what aspects of writing you may be struggling with, you can put your focus on brushing up in just those areas so you're able to make the best use of your time and effort.

Examples of the Writing Challenges We Often Face


  1. Word/character limits

  2. Writer's block

  3. Too many ideas that lead to a lack of focus

  4. Too few ideas that result in lack of content and substance to details

  5. Limited vocabulary that makes strong, engaging phrasing of words difficult to achieve

  6. Lack of self-confidence

  7. Time management

  8. Putting ideas/thoughts into words

  9. Applying the right approach for the writing task

  10. Lack of experiences of "value"

It's not unusual to feel challenged when writing for applications, especially if you don't enjoy the process of writing. Add the requirement of writing about yourself and the task becomes even more difficult; but, there are ways to tackle this and feel successful about all that you've experienced and achieved in life. It's our experience that with the right strategies and tools, everyone who wishes to apply for opportunities CAN write exceptional responses to application questions and prompts!