About Us

As a husband and wife team with a combined background in education, business, and the arts, we bring over 40 years of experience in helping people of all ages and interests to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals.


Time and again, we've noticed people struggling to tell their stories in writing. Self-expression that's genuine to the writer and engaging to readers can often be challenging to achieve but is very doable with the right approach and techniques. We decided to brainstorm ways to apply all of our cumulative knowledge and experiences to help others express themselves.


Those who have worked with us know that we like to play with words and have seen this in us through the entrepreneurial endeavors we've been involved in and continue to pursue. From our print-on-demand product line, to hard copy and digital publications, to freelance writing jobs, to online retail sales, we've learned from real world experiences that have led to much successes for our life and business endeavors.


Copywriting for advertising materials, essays for college and scholarship applications, content for cover letters and resumes for employment, and non-fiction reference materials for educational learning, are just some of the key areas we've explored. Our unique value comes from our ability to bring out the person behind their writing. With time and observation, we noticed that writing tips are easily shared and found; but oftentimes, it's the personalized prompting that reveals the details with engaging style, tone, and voice. With this approach, anyone can succeed in expressing themselves with their own one-of-a-kind personality. It is our hope to help people achieve personal writing successes as they pursue their life goals and dreams! 

~Adam & Rochelle