Our mission is to assist applicants with telling their story by bringing out their unique voice and personality in writing.

Whether it be for college, scholarships, internships, or jobs, writing strong responses to application prompts and questions is the first step to getting your foot in the door.

Writer's block, lack of or too many ideas, too general or too specific in focus, lack of direction and flow, and the list of challenges people encounter when writing goes on and on! Not everyone finds enjoyment in writing; but, with the right strategies and tools, everyone CAN write!

When you're stuck in a situation, the goal should always be to get yourself out. Writing is no different! There are tips and tricks you can experiment with to help spark your writing momentum, as well as excellent links to resources we've found to be credible and reliable. Whether it's for proper writing rules, finding different word choices for an idea, or figuring out appropriate formatting and styles of writing, resources that you can tap into and trust are at your fingertips.